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Było powiedziane, że w czasach starożytnych, jak to ma miejsce dzisiaj, istniało wiele niszczycieli, którzy krążyli po tym świecie - nie były to stworzenia z krwi i kości, ale były to maszyny, przedmioty, miejsca, nawet słowa i idee, które nie znały praw człowieka ani Boga i spowodował wielką ruinę i zamieszanie, gdziekolwiek się włóczyli. Aby chronić wszystkich ludzi, zarówno wierzących, jak i niewierzących, aby zabezpieczyć, powstrzymać i ochronić przed tymi stworami, które zagrażały bezpieczeństwu wszystkich powstała starożytna świątynia.

But this, the saints say, was the sin of the Ancients; not that they did not fear what might come to pass if they were careless, but that they feared it too much. For they kept the secrets of the expunged to themselves, saying to themselves 'Man is a timid and superstitious animal; if he knows that these things exist, he will be consumed by terror and chaos will reign around the world. Let us do our work in secret, then, and let none learn of these things, that they may live unafraid.'

But no secret can be kept forever; and in time, many others learned that the expunged existed, and rather than being fearful, they became covetous of the Ancient Temple, and created their own heathen temples, seeking to make and take such things for themselves. And from this conflict arose the Great Breach; and when the masses of the expunged found themselves loosed at once upon the world, a world which knew not that such things could exist and stood against them like a leaf stands against the hurricane, then no stone was left atop another.

And when the flames had passed, those priests of the Ancient Temple who yet lived saw a world that would never again be as it had been before. And they said to themselves, 'What shall we do now? Mankind has no chance to regain what he has lost if the knowledge of how to combat the expunged dies with us. How can we few ever undo such a great calamity?'

I zobaczyli, że Pan Bright zbliża się do nich; i wielkie poruszenie powstało w tłumie, ponieważ uważali go za zmarłego. A Pan przemówił wielkim głosem i rzekł; 'Kurwa, jak będziesz cicho przez 10 sekund , to ci powiem.'

-Everett 1:1-9

Doctors of the Church Tales:

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Walking down the halls of Site-104, you flip through the report that was tossed on your desk this morning. The Internal Investigations Department sent you to look into a suicide. The suicide of a Doctor Dan H. F████████.

Sometimes your job is figuring out what went wrong in the moments before a containment breach destroyed a facility. Other times it's looking into why a fresh out of grad school researcher was found dead in his office. The autopsy says it was an overdose of injected paralytics.

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There are worse ways to start a Thursday.

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The building in which the first mass collection of SCP-3527 was discovered.2

Identyfikator podmiotu: SCP-3527

Klasa podmiotu: Euclid

Specjalne Czynności Przechowawcze: Instances of SCP-3527 are to be kept in mass humanoid containment chambers constructed of one-way glass for convenient observation with a maximum capacity of 12 organisms per chamber. Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") is to be wary of possible sightings/reports of SCP-3527. If a sighting/report is confirmed, Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") is to establish a temporary containment perimeter and report the location to Mobile Task Force Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") for cleanup and instance transfer.

Opis: SCP-3527 is the collective designation for a population (około 450 instances [including those not yet contained]) of amorphous organisms capable of manifesting as humanoids. At the time of writing, all instances of SCP-3527 reside solely in New Mexico, United States of America. SCP-3527 instances are commonly found in collections of a varying population.3

Instances of SCP-3527 have the original form of a gelatinous substance which does not conform to any defined shape. Instances of SCP-3527 move in a manner similar to that of organisms in the Gastropoda class (gastropods). The size of SCP-3527 instances varies, with the smallest known measurements being około 0.5 m in length and około .3 m in height to the largest known measurement being około 5 m in length and około 3 m in height.

SCP-3527's primary anomalous property is the ability to take any layer(s) of skin from a subject (live or deceased) and form themselves into the inside of the skin with the purpose of concealing their abnormal nature through disguise. Instances may also reverse this process to return to their original gelatinous form. However, while instances are disguised, their gait is easily distinguishable from the typical human being due to their posture.

All instances of SCP-3527 are capable of speaking and comprehending simple English. Despite this ability, all instances speak with a large quantity of mispronunciation and grammatical errors. Most vocalizations by instances of SCP-3527 are of nature which most individuals would consider "rude," yet they all hint at a sense of curiosity towards music (more specifically in the genres of rap).

Kiedy muzyka gatunku rap jest grana w pobliżu SCP-3527, wszystkie instancje będą próbowały naśladować tekst i tempo przedstawionej muzyki, zwykle w stopniu powszechnie uznawanym za "porażkę". W tym czasie instancje będą również próbowały "tańczyć" w rytm muzyki; podobnie jak poprzednia charakterystyka, zwykle kończy się niepowodzeniem "tańczenia" w powszechnej formie, jaką miałby człowiek (lub inny organizm reagujący na bodźce muzyczne).

Dodatek: Below is an interview log between an instance of SCP-3527 and Researcher Reese Prospero.

Interviewer: Dr. Reese Prospero
Interviewee: SCP-3527-A-43


Dr. Prospero: Dobry wieczór , SCP-3527-A-43.

SCP-3527-A-43: Dumb bitch. I Tupac. Not "AYE-FOUR-EE-TEE."

Dr. Prospero: I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are not Tupac.

SCP-3527-A-43: Yes.

Dr. Prospero: Yes, you are not Tupac?

SCP-3527-A-43: No response.

Dr. Prospero: Alright. Why are you so interested in rap music?

SCP-3527-A-43: Rap is popular. We want popular. We rap to popular.

Dr. Prospero: Would you be willing to demonstrate this rapping ability?

SCP-3527-A-43: Want a rap battle.

Dr. Prospero: I am sorry, but I am not engaging in a rap battle with you.

SCP-3527-A-43: Pussy.

Dr. Prospero shows slight signs of irritation.

Dr. Prospero: Later. May you please attempt to rap for the record?

SCP-3527-A-43: Yes.

Dr. Prospero: Do you have a preference?

SCP-3527-A-43: No. Am rap god. Any track, dawg.

Dr. Prospero proceeds to play "King's Dead" by musical artists Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and James Blake over the chamber intercom system. SCP-3527-A-43 proceeds to attempt to mimic the lyrics and move in a manner to match the tempo.

Dr. Prospero: Okay, I think that's enou—

The song proceeds to reach 1m44s. At this point, SCP-3527-A-43 releases a high-pitched vocalization in an attempt to mimic the current timeframe in the piece. This vocalization damages the hearing of three research personnel including Dr. Prospero. The music halts as it is manually turned off by Dr. Prospero.

Dr. Prospero: Yeah. "Tupac," alright.

Dr. Prospero proceeds to exit the chamber.


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