SCP-6114 Altair
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Entity ID: SCP-6114

Entity class: Keter

Special Storage Activities: This facility is located in a large room with only one main entrance. There are a couple of cameras in the room which are monitoring the room 24 hours a day. Only those appointed to observe the subject are to be considered, all those outside the circle of those chosen are to be caught, interrogated and have their memories wiped. But in the room there were many things like for a human being i. e. bed, bookcase or TV etc.

Desprition: This character looks like an ordinary humanoid but he has a few things that are quite strange. The object has large pointed horns and wings that allow it to fly, the horns and wings are reminiscent of the color of Ying and Yang, but the figure also has what is interesting tail and ears like animals whose appearance is probably to be modeled after the tail and ears of the wolf. The character's clothes are black and red, which you can see he has a fondness for because the whole outfit was black and red, but the pants were mostly black. His eyes, on the other hand, were all black with white pupils but one covered by gray hair.

Interestingly the subject is aware of being under observation and turning towards the Venetian mirror said:

"If you want to know something about me be so gracious and don't hide behind this mirror and at least put up a regular one."

After staring at the object for a moment, Dr. Wake, who led the entire research group, spoke up and apologized to the creature for the inconvenience and that they would insert a normal mirror as soon as possible. The creature smiled after a moment and returned to a sitting position on the bed.

After a few hours, when the object was at rest in the room, the Venetian mirror was replaced by a regular mirror. When the figure woke up she looked towards the mirror and smiled thanking him for his request. Dr. Wake was becoming more and more fascinated with the SCP in question with each passing moment and wanted to learn as much as he could about it. The figure came to the window after a few minutes and said:

"Nice to meet you all I know what you call me but if you can I would like you to use my real name and not some code. I am Altair. "

Dr. Wake again followed the object's request and started calling him by his first name as opposed to the rest of the team, but there was nothing wrong if you called him by either Altair or Object. Altair behaves like ancient human beings feel feelings and cravings like food. Sometimes you'll notice that a character can modify their body to a small degree, but they only do this mainly with their eyes. Dr. Wake decided out of curiosity to send a class D member into the being and see what he would find next. A member of class D was thrown into this room and he threw himself toward the door as if afraid of what might await him, which is death-. But that didn't happen Altair approached and asked what happened at the same time he stopped modifying his eyes. The individual scowled, saying he didn't want it to happen so soon. Altair instead of scaring him started to comfort him and hugged him saying that everything will be alright. After a few hours of watching, you can see that the D-Class and Altair get along well.But the individual had to leave the cells eventually and Altair started going about his business again. So passed another day until bedtime.

When the next day of observation came everyone including Dr. wake was shocked. The subject was not in his cell and staff were immediately called to catch the subject and bring him back to the cage.
Everyone on the team was upset that the individual only wanted to deceive them and now murder them. The only person on the team to help find Altair was none other than Dr. Wake. The subject was found after not quite two hours as he travels around the facility in awe. The professor asked why he had fled his room. The creature replied that it did not want to be kept like an animal in a cage, but wanted to explore freely the fingerpost and nearby areas. Wake said he'd try to make it possible just to be able to continue his research. However, the security guard who was with the professor began to speak out:

"How could such a nasty thing move around the facility! He may only remind us but he is just one of the many slime that walks this world and those like him must yield to the might of humanity and beg for mercy!"

Then after these words which they kept sending towards SCP 6113 his smile suddenly disappeared and his voice became dark and he said:

"Are you saying that I'm the nastiness because you think you're important yes? i'll just tell you this, you're practically like a regular Class D member who has a gun and some kind of license. I'm sure once the organization is done with casualties you guys will be the first to end up as 'research subjects'. "

Altair's eyes began to change again, or rather the covered eye instead of being black as usual became purple with circles around the pupil and his smile returned but in a psychopathic way and then after a while he stretched one hand out to the side and a scythe appeared in his hand and he asked himself if they wanted to become such a food for other creatures. The professor quickly retreated to safety and the security guard started shooting at the subject but when they ran out of ammunition in their rifles Altair stood unmoved with a bullet hole through him making him a Swiss cheese but his body suddenly started to regenerate fast causing the bullet wounds to overgrow then the creature said it was his turn after which Altair started running towards them with his scythe and [DELETED]. After getting rid of the security members, the subject went looking for Dr. Wake.

When the character found the professor he told him not to be afraid just get rid of the problem and he can go back to his cell and tell the rest about himself. The Doctor, though he did not know how to proceed properly, agreed and together they returned to his cell. When everyone was in their seats and the rest of the team had calmed down Altair began to tell the story:

"So I'm Altair, you know that - but what you don't know is that I'm a character who possesses divine power that could destroy the entire world, though I don't want to do it because I like this world. And he wants to protect him at all costs- one ward from the foundation called me to see me murder a man. But this man was a rapist who abused his victims and then murdered them. But if you think I'm alone on this planet, you're sorely mistaken. - All over the Earth you will find somewhere characters who came with me to this world many good, but many bad too. And a lot of the bad guys want to murder people for fun and the people who were with me want to protect the species. My friends who want to protect me are 9 but I am the first strongest and each of my friends is weaker than the previous one who are listed in this order I, Ghostri, Whit3, Rifi, DeVil, Levii, Hola, Simp and Anomiiya.I advise you to find them because together we can exterminate the evil forces that have arrived and they can no longer cope on their own because they are very weakened without me, and only together can we stop humanity from another destruction… -other than known to us… ".

Other than the ones we know? What's that supposed to mean? Who or what are these other creatures? How do we find it and prevent it? I'm going to have to do some more research— and take a long rest afterwards

~Dr. Wake.

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