That doesn't sounds clever

Witaj na śmietnisku Acesa, jeśli myślisz, że te zakładki coś dadzą to lepiej weź łopatę… I łom, a na pewno koparkę… To będzie tylko rosnąć!

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Part One:


Version no 0.1 Electronic copy.


Submitted to Foundation Records Database. Archived File.

All field personnel and Foundation staff have been issued a clearance-specific copy of this manual as of [day of publishing the article]. Do not copy or re-distribute.



The purpose of this part of the FOUNDATION EXTENDED ORIENTATION MANUAL (FEOM) manual series is to inform and educate adequate personnel of fundamental and standarised knowledge about containment means used by the majority of the Foundation facilities. Informations gathered in FEOM documents are more elaborate and superior to the simplified contents of FOUNDATION STANDARD ORIENTATION MANUALs (FSEMs) and have been approved for instructional purposes. In case of any questions, direct them to your supervisor.

To maintain the comfort and safety during your employement period, it is highly recomended to throrougly familiarise yourself with contents of this document before attending to work with potentially hazardous agents/materials/subjects. Failure to follow implements a cardinal risk to the containment operations conducted by the Foundation.


Access to contents of FEOMs is strictly classified and available exclusively to trained staff, cleared for new personel orientation, lecturing at seminars and workshops and leading brefings. Every copy of manual is personalised, and protected by numerous inside security features. Unless directed otherwise, making and distribution of any form of copies is prohibited.




Containment is the act of controlling and/or limiting the potential influence of harmful factors or agents. All containment procedures should be kept in the simplest form possible, while including the most important and relevant information, to minimize the risk of possible containment breaches. In order to do so, every object is evaluated on the basis of its characteristics and possible hazards, given an appropriate Object Class and Threat Level, and eventually placed in an appropriate containment.

This section of the Foundation Extended Orientation Manual aims to provide efficient and trustworthy standards for all the most recurrent types of anomalies an SCP Foundation personnel could need to contain.

Due to their universal nature, Global Containment Procedures are ought to be instituted by every Foundation Containment Unit1 globally, unless under special circumstances (See Special Circumstances Addendum). Other containment procedures and their variations are free to be introduced by any Local Containment Units, providing they do not blalantly interfere with the ones stated in this document (See Local Containment Procedures Implementation Conditions).




Global Containment Procedures


Standard Humanoid Containment

Standard Animal Containment

• Airborne Animals

• Aquatic Animals

• Terrestrial Animals

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